Link http://www.alboraaq.com/forum/abh277921/
So there it is, Scam Report agains’t Te3s, admin of alboraaq.com and zedpekeno, is boyfriend that manage clients. I’ve been scammed, Administrator work with a kid named zedpekeno on his board. Don’t be afraid or sorry about me or the money. This is really nothing compared to how much I make per day. (And they will never make this kind of amount, even if they scam people all of their life, together lmao).

I was foolish..thinking everyone are trusted and can make real business like me on internet, so there is a deal, all seem safe and trusted, they offer an “escrow service”, but in fact, they not offering anything. Only a whole where you’re money will be catched and you can say good bye, I have loosed time on this, time for me it’s far more money than the initial deal. Agains’t others scam report posted on others forum I saw Te3s posting some “proofs screenshots” but in fact, how they can be hacker when guys use imageshack or tinypic for posting screenshots, also they can only use Paint and don’t know how to cut an image..

I was so fool to trust them, lmao, so the staff make fake proofs with fake accounts, fake accounts post fake proofs of products, or vouch for service, and others shits. The only bonus thing they got with my money, is a bad Karma that will affect them for the rest of their lives, so don’t mess up with them, and go away, site and staff will disappear in a storm of sand soon or later, it’s just a question of time. Maybe you think, how I can be happy and not mad ? I trust Karma, and already explained things.

I just wanted to warn you, and for all people that want to make deals on alboraaq, trust no one, Administrator and Moderators are Scammers, all accounts are fake, real accounts are deleted when guys put money in escrow service, and the thing is, they open only when they got for example $2000, then they start again and so on, it’s full of shit, they don’t know real business, he offer a service for bank transfer and others shits, he think he can act like mafia, but he have nothing to do with Mafia, mafia have rules, mafia have honor. If you read thoses words, you Know, what will happen soon or later, from Karma. 🙂

Admin have a game like what he can’t write in a good english, but in fact, he write a school english level with others fake accounts, it’s just a game like that he think no one will link him with them. :)If anyone got scammed and want to put words on this, screenshots or else, feel free to send me emails to: gusde25@gmail.com. This will be publicly posted soon everywhere.

Remember, never trust anyone on alboraaq.com, that just fakes accounts, full of rippers, full of fake shop, managed by admin and his little army of poor soldiers

Nickname: Te3s, T3eS
Name: Helmi Gheith
Address : Bilal Street City Hebron PIN-00970 ISRAEL
Emails: helmegith@gmail.com, t3ys@hotmail.com, owner_abh@yahoo.com
Phone: +970598432751
MSN: t3ys@hotmail.com
ICQ: 630593739
Yahoo: Owner_ABH@yahoo.com
Skype: ABH-T3eS
Liberty Reserve: U6892347 (ABH Escrow Team)
(He will create new ones, it’s easy).

his dog:
Nickname: zedpekeno, kaito96, kaito9696
MSN: kaito9696@hotmail.com
Paypal: kaito9696@hotmail.com
Yahoo: zedpekenoabh@yahoo.com
Details: Canadian or French, saw him on some french speaking forums if you google for him.

They think no one will care as you pay for stolen things, or carded stuff, or exchanging funds from currency to another with fraudulent funds, and so on, but don’t worry you can still go to the police and make a complaint, don’t need to say the whole story. 🙂

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If you need more proofs, then just google them, full of scam reports.


  1. I got banned from his site after 4 years after making a post warning people that his vip LR page was fake page. A few other long time members also got banned so we went and bought the .co.uk domain name and have now basically restarted alboraaq. t3es hates that his members are coming to use but he slit the throat of his own site

  2. hey v3nd3tta i remember you , i am also there , i know everything there , can you tell me your website so i can join there ? i am tiered of Sick Rippers there

    Brother ABH

  3. Hmmm right on guys just a bunch of fucking lame kid rippers who don’t know how to make real. $$$$$ just ripp little kids on the forum they are all fools n rippers

  4. They are rippers..all fake ss
    When U deal with someone..and pay to escrow..they just ban ur acc..or change the email and pass of ur acc…and then with that id they post that money received..or item received..so other would think that he truely received the money/item…bt instead its mod/admin using his acc. post fake they he received

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