Big Apple: City of Dream

No… it’s not about apple fruit, i just like this picture. So fresh isn’t it?

Now.. i’d like to imagine, why everyone wants to go to New York… The Big Apple?

So i think if i wanna choose a place to stay, maybe i should think to start it at New York. If you ask me why New York? My answer will be, “Can you give me an example other city than New York which is look like New York?”

In New York, you can find anything with any price. From so much site i choose random this site..

SoHo, i take it from here..,

There are a lot of stuff, soap, body lotion, many more item. So many kind of stores until you won’t bore even just to spend your lazy time walking around at sunset, get socialize, or maybe lookin some perfume oil for your weekend plan? And i know there so many places like this at New York, that’s why i love it.

So try to loose your burden, your routine. Just for one time lets try old way, shut down your laptop, looking a good item from one store to another. Make your own quality time… i know you can find it at Big Apple

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